Redeliver USPS Package

Redeliver USPS Package

If you have missed your USPS Package or Mail at the time of delivery, do not be panic! We have set up an arrangement that will help you reschedule USPS Delivery and have your package again at the time you want it. USPS Redelivery is the assistance offered by the United State Postal Service to redeliver your USPS Package that you have missed. This is USPS Redelivery assistance post that will help you find what to do after receiving USPS Redelivery Form and learn how to redeliver USPS Package.

USPS Redelivery

When you miss the package delivered to you at the first time and if you receive the USPS PS Form 3849 – We ReDeliver for You!, this simply means that USPS tried to deliver you the mail but you were not there to receive the package. With the help of USPS Redelivery Form, you can reschedule your package and deliver at the time you want.

How to reschedule USPS Package Online?

You must have 13 to 34- digits Article number available on your Redelivery Form to request redelivery for your missed package.

  1. Step-1: Visit USPS Redelivery site at

  2. Step- 2: Follow the instructions and information posted steps below carefully.

  3. Step- 3: Enter your delivery address details (Name, Street, City, ZIP, Phone etc details) and check the redelivery availability.

  4. Step- 4: Enter your USPS Article Number and select the mail type. (You will receive an article number on your right, the middle section of your delivery form which is of 13 to 34- digits number).

  5. Step- 5: Tell the details about the date when did the USPS try delivering your package?

  6. Step- 6: Enter “When and How do you want to get delivered mail?” details by selecting a type of delivery and date for USPS Reschedule Mail.

  7. Step- 7: Click on an option available to “Submit” after rechecking the information you have provided.

  8. Step- 8: Once as you submit the request, you will be notified by a confirmation page with a confirmation number. The confirmation number also will be emailed to your email address for the verification.

  9. Your request will be submitted soon and now get ready to deliver your mail or package on the next delivery.

If you have received “FINAL NOTICE” in your receipt at home and you were not there to receive the package then it will e the final time USPS is delivering your package. Next time, you have to collect it from the nearby post office location.

If you are unable to request rescheduling of your package then there is one more way through which you can request redelivery for your package.

Request redelivery using PS Form 3849

USPS PS Form 3849 PDF (Redelivery Form)

For Non-Accountable Mail (mail that does not require a signature), fill out the back of the We ReDeliver for You! under option 2 for PS Form 3849 and option 3 for PS Form 3849G.

Follow the steps given below to request offline through PS Form 3849 or 3849G.

  1. Select the day when you want your package to be redelivered (select the delivery days providing at least 2 delivery days).
  2. Indicate where the item is to be left by checking the appropriate mailbox.
  3. Complete filling out the form and sign under the “Delivery Section.”
  4. Place the completed PS form 3849 in your mailbox and your package will be redelivered soon.

If you have any troubles then contact USPS Redelivery Phone Number 1(800)275-8777.

Or get manual help at, Please send your request for help to the email:

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