USPS Missing Mail

USPS Missing Mail

If you are sending your mail or receiving the package, your package is very important for you. Now, if it’s been 7 business days and your USPS mail or package hasn’t arrived yet then you can submit the USPS Missing Mail Request. If you think your package is lost or it’s delayed then we will help you find your Missing USPS Package here.

It might be possible that your package is being delivered or it’s been delayed and so, it is suggested to the users to check USPS Package Tracking first and check Informed Delivery first carefully before making a request for missing USPS Package. Still, if you cannot locate your package then proceed with the steps are given below to locate your package and get it delivered again.

What is USPS Missing Mail?

If your expected package hasn’t been delivered within the expected period of time then it is called the missing mail. A user can request a search online at, File a claim or Contact the USPS Customer Service at 1-800-275-8777 to find the Mail or package which is lost.

An applicant should also have the following information and details before requesting a search.

  • Sender’s mailing address and Receiver’s mailing address.
  • The Size and container or envelope type used to mail.
  • USPS Package Tracking number, mailing date from your mailing receipt, or the Click-N-Ship label receipt.
  • Description of the mailed items like the brand, model, color, or size, if applicable.
  • Pictures that can be helpful to recognize your package.

Missing USPS Mail Search

An applicant must have an online USPS account to request a search for the missing USPS Mail. If you don’t have an online account or want to log into your USPS account then click here for USPS Log in.

  1. Visit USPS Missing Mail website at

  2. Log into USPS Mail account through entering Username and Password.

  3. Soon, you will be on the New Missing Mail Search Request Page. Enter the following details correctly to request a missing mail search.

    • Mailing Information including Tracking Number, Mailing Date, and Service Type.

    • Answer where to send the missing mail if found and add mailer’s address correctly.

    • Answer the contents of your Mailpiece including item’s type, Category, Sub-Category, Quantity, Color, Model, Brand, and Condition of the Mail. (You can also add the picture of your Mailpiece which will help them searching quicker.)

    • Agree with USPS Missing Mail Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions.

    • Verify your address for the delivery.

    • Review the requested search carefully and hit a click on “Submit”.

  4. Your submission will be confirmed on the next page if you have entered all the information correctly. You’ll get the USPS Missing Mail Search ID. Note the Search ID carefully and give it to the delivery man if it comes with your Missing USPS Package.

Missing USPS Mail

Once, when you request is submitted and then you receive a package then make sure you are canceling the missing mail request. A user can also edit the submitted information if it’s needed.

How long does USPS mail take?
When to Submit a request for USPS Missing Mail?

Well, it is not fixed or USPS Tracking does not offer any guaranteed time period for the delivery of your mail or package, but the given shown below is a table made after proper researches and the average time the USPS usually takes to deliver the mail. If you don’t receive or your sent mail is not received to the receiver within the given time period then you can contact USPS Customer Care or can request for a missing mail.

Mail | Package Type Delivery Time Request a missing mail search after
First-Class Mail® 1 to 3 days (approx. time)  After 5 or more Days from the date of mailing
Priority Mail® 1, 2, or 3 days (approx. time) After 5 or more Days from the date of mailing
Priority Mail Express® 1 to 2 days (guaranteed delivery) Guaranteed Delivery Date/Time Missed
USPS Retail Ground® 2 to 8 days (not fixed) After 14 or more Days from the date of mailing
Media Mail® 2 to 8 days (approx. time) After 14 or more Days from the date of mailing
Bound Printed Matter 2 to 8 days (approx. time) After 14 or more Days from the date of mailing
USPS Marketing Mail® 3 to 10 days (approx. time) After 14 or more Days from the date of mailing

USPS MIssing Mail Phone Number- 1-800-275-8777

Hopefully, this post has helped you with How to find a lost USPS Package and finding your Missing USPS Mail. As you are searching it over the internet, we have provided you the solution to request a search for Missing USPS Package online. If you want to request search then you can also visit Nearby USPS Post Office and request a search or Dial 1-800-275-8777 and request a search.

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