USPS Address Change

USPS Address Change

USPS Change of Address process is the most necessary step the users must complete to Change USPS Address if you are moving somewhere. Now, if you are searching for the easiest ways to complete the step of United States Postal Service Change of Address then this is the USPS Address Change assistance post which will help you complete the USPS Change of Address step. All you have to do is check this post available here carefully and get answers to all your queries related US Postal Service Address Change.

Tips & Basic Guide for USPS Address Change

  • You can make the USPS Change of Address process quicker and simpler by suggesting everyone who sends you mail to your new residential or postal address before two weeks of moving.
  • USPS Change of Address Cost– The USPS Change of Address costs $1.00 as an identity validation change if you are submitting the application to change your address online. There are no charges or change of address fees if you file the change of address at the Post Office. Other than that of, many third-party websites are there which costs up to $40 for the process of change USPS Address. If you are proceeding for the change of address online, make sure you are proceeding on the USPS official website.
  • There are two different ways through a user can file a request for USPS Change of Address. File USPS Change of Address online at or File US Postal Service Change of Address at the any of the nearby USPS Post Office.
  • It is also notable here that the Change of Address can be completed 30 days before or 90 days after moving.

USPS Change of Address

Requirements for USPS Change of Address

  • Identity validation fee of $1.00 (Applicable only if filing COA online)
  • Credit/Debit Cards (Any of the MasterCard, Visa Card, Discover Card or American Express)
  • Valid in use email address

USPS Change of Address Online

  1. Visit official USPS Change of Address website at
  2. Read the statements below carefully and click on an available option to “Get Started”.
  3. You will be on the official USPS Change of Address website where you have to answer the following questions and add details.
    • Who’s moving? (Individual, Family or Business)
    • Add your contact information (Name, Email, Contact etc info)
    • Add your old address details (ZIP, City, State, Street details)
  4. Click on the option available to Submit and your request will be submitted if you have entered the details correctly.
  5. Add your credit card/debit card details to pay $1.00 and identify validity correctly and your file will be submitted.
  6. You will receive a confirmation number on the next page which must be noted.

USPS Mail Change of Address Confirmation

  • After filing the Change of Address, USPS will mail punctually, to the address you are leaving, the MVL (Move Validation Letter) to confirm and authorize the move.
  • Within 5 (five) Postal business days before the Change of Address start date, you will also receive the CNL (Customer Notification Letter) or a USPS Welcome Kit in the mail to your new mailing address. The Customer Notification Letter and Welcome Kit contains the new mailing address Confirmation Code. Hold on to the Code to easily make changes or cancel your Change of Address order. Without this Confirmation Code, the users will have to visit a USPS Post Office to change or cancel your USPS Change of Address order.
  • If you have filed the Change of Address application online at then you will receive the Customer Notification Letter and Move Validation Letter as mentioned above. Also, you will receive a USPS COA Confirmation notice via email containing the Confirmation Code. Again, make sure to retain the Code for future changes/cancellations.

If you still have any troubles in filing USPS Change of Address, then dial 1-800-275-8777 for more help.

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